The existing Directors of the Company are the following:

Chief Secretary
- Government of Andhra Pradesh (GoAP)
Sri B.R.Meena
  Principal Secretary to Government
- Revenue Department
  Sri Satya Prakash Tucker   Special Chief Secretary to Government
- Finance Department
  Sri R.Karikal Valaven   Secretary to Government
- Housing Department
  Sri Shailendra Kumar Joshi   Principal Secretary to Government
- Municipal Administration and Urban Development Dept.
  Sri R.Karikal Valaven   Vice Chairman & Housing Commissioner
- AndhraPradesh Housing Board
  Vice Chairman &
Managing Director

The Board of Directors of the Company meet very regularly and decides on the policy issues such as Future Plans & Objectives of the Company and other functions such as finance, Human resources, statutory compliances, secretarial and audit issues.

The Managing Director of the Company heads the day-to-day operations of the Company and has various functional heads to assist him.

The various Functional heads who report to the Managing Director of the Company are as under:

  Sri R.Karikal Valaven   Chief Executive Officer
  Sri K.Praveen Kumar     Additional Chief Executive Officer
  Shri M.N.Raghunathan   General Manager - Finance and Accounts
  Shri H.Arun Shourie   Company Secretary
  Sri Y.Surender Rao   General Manager – Land Administration
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